We’ve shared before about the orphanage in Sorsogon, The Philippines, that our friends John and Nilda Cochrane have built and are “Dad and Mum” to the children. Our church in Auckland, Elevate, is a supporter of this compassionate ministry. John and Nilda are also carrying out fruitful ministry in the region, touch many lives and encouraging churches and pastors. John writes following a visit to cyclone ravage Tacloban ...

  1. We are just home after taking supplies to Tacloban and a remote area south west of there.


  3. We were able to give out food, clothing, candles, torches, hammers, saws, nails and a chainsaw etc. Many people are still without shelter and good food. It was the look of hope on peoples faces which encouraged us most. We gave food parcels to about 800 families.


  5. One family pictured last lost 24 family members, 10 died and 14 are missing presumed dead.


  7. The ship pictured was washed from the sea about 100 metres onto a squatter area in down town Tacloban.  there are other ships also washed ashore.  Tacloban where we stayed has hardly a house that is able to be lived in and it will be years before any sort of normality happens. The city and province has been virtually totally destroyed. Water has been restored partually but electricity will be some time away. We stayed in an orphanage which had almost three metres of water through the houses, all survived the terrible ordeal and the houses are being restored, no power or running water yet and roofs missing. 


  9. The small boy crying is in his "house" - which shows in the next picture, the size of a pup tent -   lost his mum and his dad is abusive.  We are working on bringing him to Oasis along with others when we have more accommodation.  (although we will not turn anyone away in the meantime.)


  11. Our aim is to return with more supplies soon.


  13. Thank you to all who gave your are such a blessing to those who have lost everything.


  15. Love,

  16. John and Nilda