On the 17th of May 2000 I received a phone call from the deputy principal of Regan's high school. "Mr Collins, can you please come to the school, there has been a medical emergency concerning Regan". Startled, I hurried in our car to the school (Suzanne was visiting a friend at the time). When I turned into the street where the college was located a teacher stood in the middle of the road waiting to direct me through the gate which led to the sports ground . . . Regan.html
I never spoke up about it because I was afraid.  Not afraid for my life, but I was afraid of it hurting my family and causing division and disruption with friends or church because I somehow believed a lie that it was my fault, that I had stuffed up and no one would believe me. So this was my secret and I believed God would help me without causing disruption to anyone else . . .