Christmas / God’s desire for me / rest

Community / God’s Family / love / tree of life

The Love of God / Our New Identity / love

Prophetic position for the new year

Safety in Christ / Untouchable / Grace not works

Ezekiel 47 / temple of people / Holy Spirit

Our uniqueness / truth or lies / neuro-science confirms

The Trinity / Incarnation / Adoption / The Finish Work

God becoming human / cleansing and filling humanity

Eternal Purpose / Fellowship / Church Family

The Father-heart of God

The end of the age / Judgement / The Love of God

David’s Tabernacle / Restoration / The Joyful Church

Zion / The Happy God / Everlasting Joy

Worldview / Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Jesus our sacrifice and scapegoat / Body & Blood

Kingdom on Earth / Forgiveness / our new nature

The Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven / Presence

The sanctified life / holiness / fragrance of Christ

Identity / baptism

Joseph / dreams

The cloud by day and pillar of fire by night

Going all the way / the Word of the Lord in our lives

Parable of the Virgins / Parable of the Talents

A covenant keeping God / How to possess promises

God is building a Temple

From scripture and testimony - the art of ‘delight’

The exercise of authority that creates a micro-climate

What Paul meant by ‘triumph’ - how we do it

Living with prophetic hope

The meaning of coming ‘to Zion’

The meaning of coming ‘to Zion’

The glory generation

The Tabernacle of the Lord / Moses Tabernacle

The Feast of Tabernacles

The Throne of Revelation 4

The power of what we see / vision

Don’t sell short God’s destiny for your life